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F. Santos

Filipe Santos is a very patient individual fully understanding the web design process for the average client can be somewhat difficult but with his patience I was slowly brought up to speed. He’s a very motivated, honest and detail orientated person. Filipe also has a great skill set in graphic design which simplifies the web design process further. I look forward to working with Filipe again.

Andre R.

Working with Filipe was fast, professional and easy. It was a joy and he did everything I asked him to do, when I asked him to do it and in all in a great way. Could not have asked for more.

Fredrik Härén

Filipe is a joy to work with! Everything you wish for when doing business – a prompt, friendly, helpful and honest service.

Stefan Schaudt

He is a pleasure to work with… Professional, responsive, and extremely intelligent. I would work with him again and can easily recommend his services.

Joana Cristina

Great Work! Very informative and knows WordPress very well, easy to work with and will work with him again!

H. Patel

Filipe is patient, meticulous and professional. We got our dynamic wordpress site done easily and super fast. He’s also very responsive and always accountable for what he agrees to achieve. Excellent customer service!


I recently hired Mr. Santos to assist me with a WordPress theme issue and I was not disappointed by the results. Mr. Santos came to my aid in a very timely manner, at an incredibly reasonable price and he exceeded my expectations. Basically, he saved my project within 24 hours. I would (and have) recommend(ed) his services to anyone that needs WordPress or any website work carried out. Furthermore, he does a great job of communicating quickly and efficiently. When working with Mr Santos, you don’t have to wonder about the status of your project. He kept me informed throughout the process and delivered the job ahead of schedule. I will definitely hire him again in the future.

Angie Thaxton

Filipe is fantastic to deal with. He has helped me with many projects over the past two years. He is efficient, very quick to respond and a great asset when helping with any graphic and web work. I have no hesitation in recommending him. If he was closer to Australia – he would be working in my office!

Cathy Ellis

Filipe from Generictec is brilliant. Excellent communication & problem solving skills, moves quickly, and is on top of his game with WordPress. He resolved my issues expediently without costing the heart. I thoroughly recommend him if you are having template or wordpress issues.

Mandi Nelson

We worked with generictec on several WordPress Projects. They have a awesome team which is working very fast and reliable. They helped us with wordpress installation and several custom plugins. If you search for experts you will find them here. THANK YOU!

Andreas Neufeld

We asked Filipe to test WordPress theme for us and to see if there are some problems / bugs. He did the job in time and provided a document containing bug he founded, and some recommendation for improvement. I enjoyed our collaboration and hope to work again with him in future.

V. Cosmin

Amazing job on a hard site Filipe! A dozen plugins, hundreds of LMS items to coordinate from concept to design. I love how you brought together virtual classrooms, online conferencing, membership, scheduling, booking, lesson pages, payment, reporting and even followup marketing plugins so that our site is a complete one-stop educational platform. I never would have thought this was all possible in WordPress, let alone from one developer! You have even streamlined procedures for me like registration and membership screens – completely out-of-the-box coding for a WP site. You truly blew me away by coordinating AWS with our own private web conferencing system – the heart of our site! Sessions is BEAUTIFUL and ready for our customers to be wowed with live group and individual instructors! I am very happy with my gut decision to work with you across the miles and look forward to many more years having you provide updates to my site as we expand!!

Jim Gross

I had hired several people to help me with WordPress and almost always had disappointed me with the quality of service. Filipe Santos was certainly the most professional, fast and objective. I will continue making use of his work. Recommended.

Thyago Pereira

Many Thanks!!! Best support ever, active and online all the time, 5 Stars!

Mario Salmino

I started working with Filipe, much the fault of my dissatisfaction and ability to get an answer as effectively and promptly to questions and problems that faced me when working with another developer. After the first work, we have already held most 4 and many more are to come.

I recommend the work and specially the professional ethics of Filipe for those seeking support and the guarantee of quality work and maximum satisfaction in the results.

Pedro Aleixo

Good customer tracking. Always available to clarify and resolve questions and problems that arise. I recommend.

Lígia Silva

We went with Generictec on our last project because of the price and we’ll be using them for our next project because of the quality of their work.

Al Jackson

Filipe was a true pleasure to work with. He amazed me with his professionalism and his attention to detail. There was nothing over looked, and exceeded my expectations at every turn. Highly recommended for your next project.

Chris Dildy

Filipe seemed to have an excellent understanding of the technical side of setting up a  new site. We had issues from the beginning with the install because of my host company & he readily identified the problems & advised on a better solution.
Once that was resolved, he worked efficiently with the requested changes, while being quite patient & checking in & offering assistance throughout my slow process of building the visual side of the site. Communication was good and he always responded in a timely manner.  He stayed on top of things until the end and offered assistance with future issues. Great service!


I previously worked with 2 other developers to complete my site, both of them left my site with a lot more handy work that needed to be done. I absolutely know nothing about coding and putting up a website the correct way. I spent countless hours browsing for a new developer that could accurately complete the job. I am very thankful that I came across Filipe. Not only was he very affordable and flexible for the job I asked of him, but he fixed my site in a very timely manner. I would recommend him to anyone and I look forward to using his services again. Awesome developer!

Ashley Gilbert

Good and fast service for good price.

Granis de Vries

We have been pleasantly surprised to discover that our site was made within 24 hours and we appreciate the responsiveness and courtesy of Filipe.
We appreciate and will use its services in the future!

Tarek Zekriti

Generictec is fast, accurate and available 24/7. It is undoubtedly one of the partnerships a cornerstone of Noz Consulting. If a testimony is to accredit someone and build trust, this is one of those cases. Do it, they deserve it.

Francisco Silva

Right from the very inception of my design Filipe was professional and listening carefully, i received the website files promptly and even came with a handy guide to make things really easy! Very good value for money too, would definitely use again!

Christopher Ian

What can I say…Filipe from Generictec is incredible in what he does! He is a Professional Developer, Filipe has done increadable work on my website and I have hired him again for my second WordPress site. His knowledge is without question amazing, he does impeccable work and is super fast!! I give him a 5 out of 5!

Carmelina Tortorelli

Working with Generictec has been wonderful. We had a short project together but it went flawlessly. I was able to easily communicate what I needed in customizing the WordPress template I had and he was able to quote very quickly with helpful insight on the project. The project itself ran smoothly and within 24 hours he was able to deliver what I needed as well as some extras which I was very happy about. I will defiantly work again with him and am putting there contact information in my email right the minute. Thank you again for your help.

Andrew Garcia

That was our first work with Generictec, and everything was perfect, response time, price, communication & work. Totally sure is not gonna be the last work together!

Pedro Miralles

I bought a vbulletin Style and asked generictec for individual changes. Communication was very friendly and job was done fast. Price was fair too so, that I can full recommend this company. I am sure that with the help of Generictec my page is now more attractive than before. 5 of 5 stars!

Jochen Luerken

Before releasing my new WordPress theme I’ve contacted Filipe and asked him if he could test and debug it to see if there are any glitches or shortcomings. Results were better than I expected as Filipe sent me an ordered list of things he found and even suggested several features. In the end, two weeks after the theme release, I haven’t got a single customer message in connection to the template bugs. I’ll for sure use Filipe’s service again in a future.

Filip Jaszczuk

Work of great quality, the development was very well executed. I’m going back to work with Filipe of certainty.

José Casal

This was my first website and Filipe helped me in all ways he could. Was very helpful, great ongoing support, very patient, fast reply to my requests all the time, from the morning to the late evening, the attention to details and the suggestions he gave for a future in full autonomy, all this made a great service from him.

Marco Cacci

Filipe was fantastic. He took over a site I had worked with two other designers on and sorted it out for me quickly and efficiently. Which was amazing as I had been left hanging buy the previous designer.
I highly recommend his service, he is prompt, professional and honest. Thank You!

Edwina Walsh

Excellent turnaround time and great quality of service. Generictec was given a deadline and stuck to it, communicating with me throughout the entire day to make sure everything went according to plan. Would use again.

Cláudio Silva

It was a pleasure to work with Generictec, from conception to final project ran very well and even exceeded my expectations!

Ivan Portela

Fast service and quality, attentive and careful in the presentation of proposals, I would strongly recommend their service.

Diogo Meireles

Filipe Santos has been both reliable and helpful. His communication skills are strong and when he explains technical details he is able to make the layperson understand easily. His response times are fast and the work is completed as promised. We have found him friendly and his rates reasonable. İ would happily recommend him to others as an excellent remote colleague.

Fazile Zahir

Filipe did a great job on our new WordPress site. His turnaround time is fast and he masters the ins and outs of WordPress. The result is a great-looking website with lots of functionality.

Cedric Laridon

Really appreciate the work, the speed it was carried out in and the quality of communication. I’d fully recommend anyone using Filipe on a project and will be using him again myself.

James Blundell

Effective, efficient, timely, uncomplicated, sincere, honest and compliant … in short, fantastic!

Paula Neves

Filipe is a fantastic developer and a partner to work with reasonable values. We embarked on a Joomla site and Filipe and his designer were quick and professional in all of their jobs. He fulfilled the stipulated timeline, was extremely sensitive about emails and always ensured that we were satisfied with his quality of work. In addition, he was always ready to help and make recommendations or suggestions based on his experience! I will recommend and use the Generictec service again!

Alps Forex

It was the best choice to work with Generictec. They work fast, qualitative and with affordable prices, the support is awesome, fast responses. The small things that didn’t appealed to me, was fixed quickly and the most important is that I get things over my expectations.

Dem Ionut

Generictec? It was the best decisions I made. Quick, honest and very professional. All these features have resulted in two works and many others ahead. Undoubtedly a great partner! The desire of the best.

Pedro Marques

Filipe did an outstanding job for me. He was super fast, responsive, pro-active and the most competent wordpress engineer I have ever had the chance to work with. Will definitely use him again for all my future websites. You should too! Hassle-free and super time saving.

Camy Tan

Filipe answered promptly and with great friendliness, reliability and agility to all questions and needs presented by me and my team not only on the first contact, as during the whole process, always kept us informed. Furthermore, not only showed us a quote within what we had to invest, with the end result a job very well done and fast delivery. We will recommend your services to all who seek a great professional in the web.

José F. Silva

Filipe stepped in when my usual supplier had a family emergency which meant he couldn’t complete the work he was given and Filipe took on the work and completed it quickly keeping in regular contact so I knew exactly what was happening.
Thanks Filipe, I will definitely be back with projects.

Annie Vaughan

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